Finding a place to get a COVID vaccination is like a freakin’ treasure hunt

Here are some of the places I’ve checked out during my weeks-long quest to find a place where I, a card-carrying senior citizen, could get a COVID vaccination.

I know many of you have had similar, frustrating experiences , wild goose chases.

I’m making facetious fun here, but seriously, lining up a life-saving shot during a pandemic should not, in a First World country, make you feel as though you are playing the lottery or hunting for buried treasure with a faded map.

Athens, Ga.
Hampton, SC
New York, NY
Warm Springs, GA
Washington, GA
Cowpens, NC
Minneapolis, MN
Powder River, WY
Shelby, NC
Beech Mountain, NC

Where’s that Yellow Brick Road when we really need it?



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Noel Holston

Writer, photographer, horticulturist, international music icon. Lives in the South. Email Noel at