Noel Holston
2 min readJun 15, 2022

A playful ditty about getting back down to the real nitty gritty

“Got a horse/Got a sheep/Gonna get me a good night’s sleep” — Paul McCartney/ Photo by Noel Holston

First, a big shout out to fellow Medium contributor Scott Vatour. His recent post, “A sustainable future may bankrupt Elon Musk/Electric cars are no magical solution to the future’s pollution problems,” is a great read, and it reminded me of the lyrics to this song I wrote a few years back.

I would love for it to become an international anthem, but I’d settle for it just becoming a work song for the massive chore that awaits us. Think bluegrass or Carter Family country as you read.


Simplify, simplify

Thoreau sought it, simplify

Simplify, simplify

Jesus taught it, simplify

So many of us have

Much more than we can keep

And waste our precious time

Just to add more to our heaps

Simplify, simplify

Buddha said it, simplify

Simplify, simplify

Lamas live it, simplify

It’s time to start divesting

No ifs or ands or buts

I’ve got more stuff in my garage

Than was buried with King Tut

Simplify, simplify

Franklin said it, simplify

Simplify, simplify

Quakers get it, simplify

So here’s a bright idea

That we could give a whirl

Let’s repurpose all our junk

Or make a compost for the world

Simplify, simplify

Simplify, simplify

If you really want to live well simplify

© 2013 Noel Holston