Southern-style tomato sandwich photo by Martha Jean Winkelstein


I want to be a sacrament

When I die

Mix my ashes with garden soil, Miracle Gro

Put us in the plot I tilled and tended every spring

Plant tomatoes — Beefsteaks, Better Boys and Brandywines

Water well

And when we ripen

Slice us thick and lay us out good white bread slathered with mayonnaise

Preferably Hellman’s, though Duke’s or Blue Pate will do

Salt, pepper, lettuce, the latter optional of course

Take a big bite

Think of me

Wash me down with cold, whole milk or a Barq’s root beer


I am back in circulation



You can cook to these tunes, or just dance

Thanks for Leaving — Seth Hendershot (from the album Better Late )


Better Late CD cover photo by Nell Spence Damon

Thank You Girl — The Beatles

Thankful — Kelly Clarkson

I Thank You — Sam & Dave

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) — Sly & the Family Stone

Thank God for Hometowns — Carrie Underwood

Now Be Thankful — Fairport Convention

Thanks for the Memories — Bob Hope

Thank God I’m a Country Boy — John Denver

Thank You, Pretty Baby — Nat “King” Cole

Gratitude — Paul McCartney



Noel Holston

Noel Holston


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